Download the latest version of the Korpus Malti for research purposes
The files are in vertical format. This means that every word is on a separate line, and each word has its part of speech tag (see Tagset Malti v3.0), lemma and morphological root. e.g.:
imniedi PART-PASS mniedi n-d-j
mill- PREP-DEF minn null
Inizjamed NOUN-PROP Inizjamed null

Korpus Malti: A generic corpus of Maltese

Il-Korpus Malti (934.8MB) - excludes the literature section*

Academic Section (2.7MB)
Culture Section (3.3MB)
European Section (71.2MB)
Law Section (16.8MB)
News Section (365.1MB)
Opinion Section (27.1MB)
Parliament Section (434.5MB)
Religon Section (1.8MB)
Sports Section (4.6MB)