Ġabra: an open lexicon for Maltese

Ġabra is a free, open lexicon for Maltese, built by collecting various different lexical resources into one common database. While it is not yet a complete dictionary for Maltese, it already contains 16,591 entries and 4,514,452 inflectional word forms. Many of these are linked by root, include translations in English, and are marked for various morphological features.

Mistakes/missing information

Many of the word forms in the database are automatically generated, and may contain errors. If you come across a mistake, click on Provide feedback and let us know that it is incorrect. It will then be checked and corrected manually later. If you search for a word which is not found in the database, you may also suggest that it is added to the collection by clicking the provided link.

About Ġabra

Ġabra was originally built in 2013 as part of a master's thesis project, starting out as a collection of various different resources combined into a single database. Its contents vary in detail and completeness, which is why it cannot yet be called a proper lexicon or dictionary for Maltese.

Up until recently, the database has mostly been maintained as a hobby project and was not frequently updated. As of September 2015 however, Ġabra has begun to receive support from the Council for the Maltese Language and the University of Malta. There is ongoing work on reviewing the database and making considerable contributions to its content, such that it will eventually become a full lexicon for Maltese.

To cite this resource, please use the following reference.

John J. Camilleri. "A Computational Grammar and Lexicon for Maltese", M.Sc. Thesis. Chalmers University of Technology. Gothenburg, Sweden, September 2013.

The contents of Ġabra are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
The source code for this site is available under an MIT license at GitHub.

The keyboard icon is by Filip Malinowski from The Noun Project.

Recent activity

4th September 2018

Ġabra is now functioning normally again. We are monitoring the system.

1st September 2018

The Ġabra interface has been experiencing significant slowdowns over the past few days. We are actively working on this and hope to have the system running efficiently soon.

10th June 2016

The Ġabra website and API are now open-sourced under an MIT license.

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