Key Title Author Year Note
Spagnol2011  A Tale of Two Morphologies. Verb structure and argument alternations in Maltese  Michael Spagnol  2011  Germany: University of Konstanz dissertation 
Ellul2013  Deverbal nouns in Maltese  Leanne Ellul  2013  Malta: University of Malta dissertation 
Mayer2013  Fixing the broken plural in Maltese  Thomas Mayer, Michael Spagnol & Florian Schönhuber  2013  (in print) 
Falzon2013  Basic English-Maltese Dictionary  Grazio Falzon  2013 
Camilleri2013  A computational grammar and lexicon for Maltese  John J. Camilleri  2013  Sweden: Chalmers University of Technology, M.Sc. thesis 
UserFeedback  Anonymous feedback suggestions from users  Various  2014   
KelmaKelma  Kelma Kelma Facebook Page  Various  2014 
KelmetilMalti  Kelmet il-Malti Facebook Group  Various  2014 
Apertium2014  Apertium: A free/open-source machine translation platform  Apertium  2014 
DM2015  Dizzjunarju Malti  Various  2015  Contributions by research assistants funded by the DM project 
IATE2016  IATE: The EU's Multilingual termbase  Inter-Active Terminology for Europe (IATE) Database  2016  Download IATE, European Union, 2016