Maltese Language Resource Server

The MLRS is an ongoing project which focusses on the creation of tools and resources for the languages of the Maltese Islands, namely Maltese, English and Maltese Sign Language.

Resources and tools

Currently, resources fall into the following categories:


The MLRS project is coordinated by the Institute of Linguistics and the Department of Intelligent Computer Systems at the University of Malta.
It has benefited from the support of:


New corpus release

Announcing the release of Korpus MAlti v3.0 (2016), a new version of the Maltese corpus. It contains around 250 million tokens, in a variety of sub-categories, with more accurate POS Tagging, lemmatisation and annotation of morphological roots.

Maltese online dictionary

The Dizzjunarju tal-Malti project, launched in 2015 in collaboration with the National Council for the Maltese Language, the Malta Communications Authority, the Vodafone Foundation, and Infusion Ltd, has been working on the expansion and redevelopment of Ä abra, the open lexicon of Maltese. The new version of the dicionary is set to be launched in March 2016.