Amerka America

Hemm 2 verżjonijiet ta' dan is-sinjal. Agħfas il-buttuni hawn taħt biex tara l-istampi, il-kitba u l-vidjows.

There are 2 versions of this sign. Use the butttons below to view the photographs, signwriting and videos.

  • Sketch
    Stampi, kitba u vidjow 1
    Pictures, signwriting and video 1

  • Sketch
    Stampi, kitba u vidjow 2
    Pictures, signwriting and video 2

Hemm żewġ sinjali għal AMERKA. L-ewwel sinjal isir biż-żewġ idejn bil-forma ta’ 5 miftuħa bil-swaba’ dritti u mbegħdin minn xulxin. L-idejn imissu permezz tas-saba’ l-kbir bil-pala tal-id ta’ fuq tħares ’il barra u bil-pala tal-id t’isfel tħares ’il ġewwa. Dan is-sinjal ġieli kien jintuża sa’ ftit ilu speċifikament għall-AMERIKA T’ISFEL.

It-tieni sinjal isir biż-żewġ idejn forma ta’ 5 miftuħ u bil-pala tħares ’il ġewwa. Is-swaba’ ta’ id jidħlu bejn is-swaba’ ta’ l-id l-oħra u jimxu f’ċirku orizzontali ’l barra minn ġenb għan-nofs u għall-ġenb l-ieħor.

There are two signs for AMERICA. The first sign is made with two hands in the shape of open 5 with fingers stretched out and apart and touching each other at the thumb. The palm of the top hand faces outwards and the palm of the hand below facing inwards. Until recently, this used to be the sign used specifically for SOUTH AMERICA but is now used generally as that for AMERICA.

The second sign is made with two hands in the shape of open 5 with palms facing inwards. The fingers of both hands fit into each other and the hands rotate in a horizontal circle from side to centre and to the other side without letting go.