Cooker Cooker

Hemm verżjoni waħda ta' dan is-sinjal. Agħfas il-buttuni hawn taħt biex tara l-istampi, il-kitba u l-vidjow.

There is one version of this sign. Use the butttons below to view the photographs, signwriting and video.

  • Sketch
    Stampi, kitba u vidjow 1
    Pictures, signwriting and video 1

Is-sinjal għal COOKER isir b’id waħda forma ta’ 5 kkurvata bil-pala tħares ’il fuq. L-id titqiegħed f’erba’ postijiet, l-ewwel quddiem, imbagħad wara l-ewwel post, imbagħad wara iktar ’l hemm imbagħad quddiem it-tielet post.

The sign for COOKER is made with one hand in the shape of cupped 5 with palm facing upwards. The hand is placed in four different places, first at the front, then behind the first place, then further on also at the back and then forward of the third place.