Pajjiżi Countries

Hemm 2 verżjonijiet ta' dan is-sinjal. Agħfas il-buttuni hawn taħt biex tara l-istampi, il-kitba u l-vidjows.

There are 2 versions of this sign. Use the butttons below to view the photographs, signwriting and videos.

  • Sketch
    Stampi, kitba u vidjow 1
    Pictures, signwriting and video 1

  • Sketch
    Stampi, kitba u vidjow 2
    Pictures, signwriting and video 2

Is-sinjal għal PAJJIŻI isir b’id waħda. L-id tieħu l-forma ta’ 5 kkurvat bil-pala tħares ’l isfel. L-id timxi minn quddiem għal postijiet oħra fiż-żona tas-sinjali. Dan is-sinjal l-istess bħas-sinjal għal POST(IJIET).

The sign for COUNTRIES is made with one hand. The hand takes the shape of a curved 5 with the palm facing downwards and then moves from the front to other points in the signing space. The sign is the same as that for PLACE(S).