Web Service API

Note: This API only covers NLP tools. The Ä abra online lexicon has its own API page.

The tools available on our demos page are also callable through our web service api. The relevant calls are documented below. All web service api calls return data in json format. All api calls have the base url https://mlrs.research.um.edu.mt/tools/mlrsapi/

Tokeniser: ./tokenise?text=

Below is an example call to the tokeniser with the sentence Din sentenza bil-Malti.

https://mlrs.research.um.edu.mt/tools/mlrsapi/tokenise?text=Din sentenza bil-Malti.

Part of Speech Tagger: ./tag?text=

To tokenise text and label each token with its part of speech, using the MLRS v3.0 tagset, use:

https://mlrs.research.um.edu.mt/tools/mlrsapi/tag?text=Din sentenza bil-Malti.

G2P Tool: ./g2p?text=

The G2P tool transcribes text into phonetic transcription using the International Phonetic Alphabet:

https://mlrs.research.um.edu.mt/tools/mlrsapi/g2p?text=Din sentenza bil-Malti.

Number to Word translation: ./n2t?number=

The N2T tool converts numbers (in digits) to words. The following example converts the number 101,123. Note that commas inserted in numbers are not necessary; if included, they are stripped: