Download the latest version of the Korpus Malti for research purposes
The files are in vertical format. This means that every word is on a separate line, and each word has its part of speech tag (see Tagset Malti v3.0), lemma and morphological root. e.g.:
imniedi PART-PASS mniedi n-d-j
mill- PREP-DEF minn null
Inizjamed NOUN-PROP Inizjamed null

Korpus Malti: A generic corpus of Maltese

Academic Section (2.7MB)
Culture Section (3.3MB)
European Law Section (71.2MB)
Laws of Malta Section (16.8MB)
News Section (365.1MB)
Opinion Section (27.1MB)
Parliamentary Debates Section (434.5MB)
Religous Writings Section (1.8MB)
Sports Section (4.6MB)